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On the third day of Reha….

I was rudely awakened by the alarm clock, way before 7 a.m. My body is immediately upset with me and sends me many signals of disgruntlement. I am sweaty, dizzy, I feel like I have rocks in my head and my heart is thumping.

A very vivid dream lingers in my mind so I made note of it first before it fades. Somehow it feels important.

I spontaneously abandon my plan to just throw some clothes on and go down to breakfast. My body feels horrible and is shouting at me, so I take it to the shower to wash off the energies of the difficult night and try to replenish them with a little vitality. The vitality bit doesn’t really work and and I continue hear noises of disgruntlement from within. My eyes burn and I feel queasy. It reminds me a little of the days before breaking down.

My brain is also affected by this physical state and starts harping on at me about how it doesn’t like this, getting up, feeling restricted by everything, too many appointments, etc., etc.. I start to feel like I am no longer myself. I do a couple of energy shifting exercises but my system is not yet ready and willing to release the moany-ness.

I zombie my way through the day and finally collapse on the bed and drift off between appointments in the afternoon, waking up 8 minutes too late to get to my last appointment of the day on time. Not to worry, everyone is very understanding and I am pretty sure they can see it on my face, I surely look dazed and very confused.

My body starts to recover after that. I get the urge for a cuppa tea at the café and bump into one of my new acquaintances, we chat, we have a walk, I take photos, I feel much more like my true self.

This evening I am looking forward to doing some night swimming :-) I’ll let you know how it goes.

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2023년 10월 04일

Thank you for sharing your experience Kathy! So appreciate and admire your authenticity always!❤️

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Thank you so much for your kind comment! ❤️

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