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On the second day of Reha....

Well after a very short night, the day got a little bit magical.

It was hard for me to settle in the bed. It isn’t that cosy. I then spent a lot of time practising setting the alarm (old fashioned radio alarm clock - YAY!) to make sure I can get up in time for breakfast.

Try a little magic, magic, magic....

Martha Beck was doing the Gathering Room live on facebook as I was laying in bed and I was able to listen to her talking about magic and manifesting things in life, which is totally my vibe! I love listening to all her magical stories and it reminds me of many a magical story of my own …

I awake early of my own accord, my mind is immediately on autopilot, meandering towards negativity and making up problems. I can feel my mind's attention honing in on things that are bothering me, things I allegedly don’t like and don’t want. (Like getting up early, having appointments all day and eating with too many other people in a loud hall).

I take note of what is happening. "Huh." I say. "Interesting." I remember to pull back, zoom out, not to focus but to release. I remember I have many tools for this. It helps. I remember to do my morning routine of meditation, connecting with myself, throwing out all stories and thoughts which are restricting me and instead acknowledge myself for the wonderful being I am. Phew! That was close.

Do a little magic...

When I get to the (luckily less crowded) canteen for breakfast I am immediately accosted (wrong word, but it was early in the morning!) by a lovely woman asking if I would like to sit with her. She had clocked me sitting outside yesterday and we were on the tour of the place together last night.

We had a lovely conversation. We decide to meet up this afternoon to have a wee cycle around the grounds together. Feels good. I feel magical that she felt the desire to speak to me and wanted to get to know me. I feel blessed and appreciate her openness and interest.

After a leisurely breakfast I take a little walk into the woods, it doesn’t take long before everything falls away and I am surrounded by trees. I start to feel expansive and start singing. The tress don’t mind.

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Oct 05, 2023

Wow, sounds like some good things could be happening for you

Replying to

Thank you!


Oct 04, 2023

A good second day then 😊

Replying to

Reading back, I think it was 😊 Thanks for your comment 😘

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