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Let's talk about death, Baby!

This podcast episode is about death and dying. A little side step from my usual subjects!

I am talking to my lovely friend Cheryl who has taught me a lot about death over the past months. As a oncology nurse, hospice nurse and end of life death doula, she certainly has the expertise and the experience.

In our private conversations Cheryl and I often talk about societal norms and which ones we would like to change in our own lives and the ones we think would make the world a better place.

Not talking about death is one that is close to Cheryl's heart and she has shared many touching and fascinating stories with me about her experiences. I personally have felt my attitude towards death changing after visiting a dying relative a few years ago. Family members wanted to protect me from that experience, urging me not to go but I was determined to go through with it and say my goodbyes and I was no longer afraid of the feelings that were probably going to show up. And of course, they did!

Hearing and talking more about what is normal when you die and what to expect helps take some of the shock and confusion out of it when it happens.

In this conversation, Cheryl goes through some of our fears around death and dying as possible reasons as to why we are not talking about it enough and we dive into little ways you can start to take tiny steps to help your loved ones feel more empowered when your time comes.

You can practise listening or talking about death at your nearest death café (who knew?) which you can search for using the link:

Note: I notice the website doesn't show the whole box to play the podcast. Try scrolling in the box until you reach the option buttons: "Play on Soundcloud" and "Listen in Browser" either one of these options should start the recording. If you need any help listening, send me message

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