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Be seen. Be heard. Be Great. Be free. Be you. Authentically you!

Kathy Flatley Life Coach

Welcome, my Lovely! So glad you are here. I am Kathy, I am a coach, self-love, manifestation and energy work enthusiast.
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You can find more information about my online holistic coaching programme here: Authentically You

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I offer one-on-one coaching online, focusing on your authenticity and alignment. I want you to be seen, heard and appreciated for the wonderful being you truly are! For more information, see Authentically You.

I am here to inspire you to be more loving, kind and compassionate towards yourself so that you can lead a happier and healthier life and be more loving, kind and compassionate towards others and ultimately spread more loving kindness into the world.

I also offer online workshops and courses on self-love and mindful spoon bending (see Events).

For more about me, see About or check out my Blog, where I share my journey from Burnout to finding my authentic self. You can either read it or listen to me reading in my Blogcasts.

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