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Kathy Flatley - Holistic Life Design Coach for Authenticity and Self-Love

Kathy Flatley Life Coach

Welcome my lovely!

I'm Kathy and I will gently guide you to the life you really want and deserve with simple tools and personalised coaching.


Are you currently going through a period of upheaval or struggling in your relationships and feeling heavy, restless, uncomfortable and insecure?

I will give you all the simple and enjoyable tools you need to reconnect with yourself, strengthen your self-love and bring more strength, calm and serenity into your life, without having to dig around in your past!

Make an appointment now for your free coaching consultation. The first step to a happier and easier life. Send an email to:, write: "Let's talk" and I will get in touch.
You can also use the form below to "Get in touch."

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I offer one-on-one coaching online, focusing on your authenticity and alignment. I want you to be seen, heard and appreciated for the wonderful being you truly are! For more information, see Authentically You.

I am here to inspire you to be more loving, kind and compassionate towards yourself so that you can lead a happier and healthier life and be more loving, kind and compassionate towards others and ultimately spread more loving kindness into the world.

I also offer online workshops and courses on self-love and mindful spoon bending (see Events).

For more about me, see About or check out my Blog, where I share my journey from Burnout to finding my authentic self. You can either read it or listen to me reading in my Blogcasts.

Offers for you 
I offer various coaching packages. Get in touch for your free session with me to find out how I can best support your needs.  

Linda, PMO Analyst, UK

"Kathy has helped me acknowledge that my truth and my needs should be the most important thing to me....I always feel at peace and like I am the right way up after we've spoken." 

Silvia, Social Worker, Germany

"Kathy's appreciative, sincere and patient manner encouraged me during our conversations to speak openly about issues that concern me. I felt taken seriously and understood from start to finish and our conversations helped me to find out what I really needed to work on." 

Annette, Holistic Warrior Coach and Yoga teacher, Germany

“Kathy is a gifted coach, she inspires and me every day anew!!!”

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