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Upcoming Events
17.02.2024 and 24.02.2024  at 7.30pm
Online Spoon bending workshop (German)

Coming again soon:


Mindful Spoon Bending

Information/register: or here

"Learning to bend spoons is changing my life" 
Caroline, participant

By using your imagination to make metal pliable, you are harnessing the power of your thoughts.


Bending spoons is an exercise in connecting to matter and energy and also a demonstration of how something that starts in the imagination can become reality, almost immediately. 

In my workshops I gently guide you through a few different exercises you can you to make your spoons pliable, but these are also exercises and skills you can use for life. 

Let your self be amazed by your own abilities and observe how your thoughts create energy, vibration, feelings that can be transferred to matter. 


Spoon Bending

English AND auf Deutsch

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