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You can watch me talking about this programme here: Authentically You

Hello my Lovely, I am so pleased you are here!

Want to be Authentically You?

Do you have a longing to be your authentic self? To express your own true nature and be seen, heard and appreciated in this world for who you really are.

Imagine what it would feel like to be authentically you?

Authentically You Online Coaching Programme
Be heard. Be seen. Be great. Be free. Be You. Authentically You. Be-You-tiful You!

Start anytime!

A few years ago I answered YES to all of these questions! I was unhappy at my work, I was unhappy in my relationships, I often suffered with cold infections, fatigue, migraines, muscle ache and ultimately burnout. I didn’t feel seen, heard or understood. I didn’t feel respected or valued.

I was saying yes to things I did not want to do. I was going along with things that annoyed me. I was resentful. I could not speak up for my own needs, desires and wishes. I was in a terrible state of freeze and appease and I longed to be my true self again


What does authentic mean?


Being authentic means being true to yourself and expressing your own true nature. It means being free of convention, free of other people’s expectations, free from cultural or societal norms and being able to tune into what you really want and what you truly stand for. Being authentic feels like freedom. It feels like peace. 


Throughout our lives we receive messages that being who we truly are is not acceptable, it doesn’t fit into the “normal” box. We adapt our personalities to bring out the things that are met with acceptance and praise and repress things that get us ignored, criticised or judged.

What are the advantages of being authentic?


Basically a happier and healthier life. A life on your own terms. Honouring your own needs, feelings and desires, you become your best self, being in your best energy almost all of the time. You shine and glow and move through life with ease and grace. You have deep understanding that whatever you think, feel or do is completely your choice and aligned with your true nature.

How empowering does that feel?


Since breaking down, having many a breakthrough and finally breaking OUT I have been guided by my inner voice and desire to:


Know what I truly know.

Feel what I really feel.

Say what I really mean with loving kindness,

And do what I really want. 

What would your life look like if you followed that path to your authentic self?
How different would your life be and feel?


To be seen and accepted as your authentic self is such a beautiful state of being and it gives you energy and power. As you become your authentic self, some may not like it. They may no longer be for you. Maybe they prefer the compliant version of you. The one who does everything for everyone without complaint. However you will start to attract a different kind of person, others who are  also authentic. They will love authentic you. These are your people! You get to embrace who you really are and watch as resentment, annoyance, anger and frustration start dripping off you. 


When you are authentic, you automatically recognise your own worth as a person and value yourself as such. Outside conditioning of “you are only worthy if…..” float away. You do not have to work hard to be worthy, you do not have to meet everybody else’s expectations and needs to be worthy. You value your heart, soul, body and mind for what they truly are and no longer try and adhere to cultural or societal expectations. 

Do what you really want


Considering your life over the years, every time you do something you in truth do not want to do, it is like adding a small pebble to your back pack. You don’t always notice it at first, as the steps are incremental. But the weight soon builds up in and one day you wake up to notice you are carrying a heavy weight and do not know how it got that way. 


Once you have connected with your authentic self and you allow yourself to know what you really know, allow yourself to feel and acknowledge your feelings, you can learn to say what you really mean, declining things that are not for your greater good with loving kindness. You start to see and feel very clearly what your next steps are, the path to your joy, pleasure and your purpose. 


With my new programme “Authentically You” I will gently and lovingly guide you to recognise the things you know are true, even if you are not letting yourself know them right now. I support you into recognising when you are having a feeling and figure out what those feelings are trying to tell you, I encourage and guide you to speak up for your needs, desires and preferences so that you can gracefully step into your authentic self and concentrate on what is important to you in life! 

You want to know more?


Send me an email to kathy@burnoutrevolution,  you can just write: “tell me more” if you want or make it as long as you like, if you feel you want to share with me or ask me specific questions. I will get in touch and we can set up a meeting to talk personally, either per telephone or video, whichever feels right for you.


We can get to know each other and see if we are a match before you decide to take the plunge!

I will be your Coach, your Guide, Your Cheerleader, Your Mirror.

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Phase 2: Celebrate and Integrate

Module 4. Recognition and Gratitude


We have a tendency to want everything fast, but taking the time to celebrate yourself and your progress is a very effective way of integrating all that you learned in Phase 1.

I will be with you, cheering you on and celebrating every tiny step towards your authentic self. 

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Phase 1: Start Your Journey

"Give up the work on being perfect and begin the work of becoming yourself" Anna Quadlen

Module 1. Start Where You Are

Let us see where you are already authentic in your life and how you would like to expend that to all parts of your life.

Module 2. Know What You Really Know

Get to know your authentic wisdom and tap into your heart's desires. 

Module 3. Feel What You Really Feel

Befriending your body and tapping into your innate body wisdom. Practise allowing your feelings and understanding the signals from your body. 

Module 4. Recognition and Gratitude


We have a tendency to want everything fast, but taking the time to celebrate yourself and your progress is a very effective way of integrating all that you learned in Phase 1.

I will be with you, cheering you on and celebrating every tiny step towards your authentic self. 

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Phase 3: Onward! Creating Your Life with Pleasure
"Freedom is a possibility only if you are able to say no"- The Whitest Boy Alive

Module 5. Say What You Really Mean

Boundary Setting skills and ways to express who you really are and what you really want in life. 

Module 6: Do What You Really Want

Putting all your new skills together, you continually add things that you want in your life, things that truly give you pleasure and start actively reducing things you no longer want and what is no longer serving you. 

You want to know more? Write "tell me more" in the message and I will get back to you! 

Thanks for submitting!

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