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What a difference a day makes

Despite not getting any sleep the highs of yesterday evening really did spill over into today.

Breakfast Meditation

I had breakfast on my own which was really good, taking my time, no chat. I drank my tea slowly and did my own meditation exercise on activating the right brain (the space between) which felt lovely, connected, grounded like my true self expanding once again.

The Space Between

The energies of the place are dominantly negative but I have one or two to be positive, laugh and even be a little bit silly with.

In the breaks between classes I notice things falling into place, my creativity returning. New ideas for workshops plop up, maybe something I could offer here, maybe people would be interested…

A Moment of Celebration

I take some time to celebrate myself for taking action yesterday.

I realise I let myself know what I really know, made room to feel what I really feel, to say what I really mean and do what I really want.

Speaking up about what I know and how I feel was very important and realising I have the choice. I get to decide every day, give it a go or go home. My decision, each day.

This takes the pressure off.

My new friend said to me yesterday (walking through the trees together): it does me good to be here. That stopped me in my tracks. That isn't how I feel. But it would be better to feel that way!

„Stop!“ I said, „That is what I want to be able to say! That is what I want“ and I open up to receive a little of her energy in this moment.

Maybe it worked on me overnight and in the space between waking moments …. What a difference a day has made!

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