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Spoon Bending - How to do it, why I do it and why I love it.

Coming Soon - Spoon Bending Class (see below)

Kathy with bent spoon
Here's one I made earlier

I have been bending spoons using my thoughts since 2022.

The Power of Our Thoughts

I first heard about spoon bending from Martha Beck and I was very intrigued by this notion of being able to make solid metal go soft with the power of my thoughts (or imagination.) It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it and soon I was naughtily bending spoons in cafés to show others my (what I considered) amazing abilities. Now I buy spoons especially to practise my techniques and to teach it to other people, to give them the inspiration and proof of the power of the their thoughts.

How do I do it?

I now practise several techniques using feelings, energy and the quantum field, thanks to Ariana Bahret's YouTube videos and Spoon Bending classes. However the first time it worked for me I used Martha Beck’s technique from Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”.

Wordlessness and High Vibrations

I start by getting myself into a stage of Wordlessness. A state of feeling that has no words to describe it, there is no language, only the feeling of awe, beauty, joy, gratitude or similar. Feelings with so-called high vibrations.


I then feel into the Oneness of the Universe. This means, feeling we are all one. We are all made of the same stuff (when it comes down to it, huge amounts of empty space in atoms) and we are all connected somehow (through source energy, which also has lots of different names, I consider it a bit like the Force in Star Wars). If we are all connected to all things, then I am connected to the spoon. I hold the spoon and feel like it is an extension of me.

Connection and Communication (with a spoon)

bent spoon art
Bent spoon art

I feel into the consciousness (or energy field) of the spoon and send the spoon a mental picture, like a photograph, of how I would like it to bend. I ask it if will bend for me and see if I can sense an answer from the spoon. I sometimes give the spoon a little time to think about it before I bend it. At least I used to. When I do teaspoons now they bend pretty much immediately.

With a little help from my hands

To be clear - I am using my hands to bend the spoon. The point is that the metal is solid and hard and NOT pliable beforehand and through the exercise becomes malleable.

This isn’t the only method, but it is on of my favourites.

More than just a party trick

bent spoon art
My little collection of bent spoons

Bending spoons is not just an exercise in connecting to matter and energy but also a demonstration of how something that starts in the imagination can become reality. I have started to understand the significance months after being able to do it, but some people feel it immediately. I now understand that I can imagine anything into my life, using the power of my thoughts. For such a long time, most of my imagination was taken up with negative and scary scenarios. This exercise has helped me train my thoughts and imagination to more positive outcomes.

This is how manifestation works

Everything we manifest starts with a thought, starts in our imagination. These thoughts or images in turn cause a particular feeling or emotion in us. This feeling has a vibration. That vibration sends a signal out into the Universe which lets it know what we want to attract.

Have you ever been thinking of someone and they then called or messaged you? Or have you spent time pondering on what you need to solve a particular problem and the solution just presented itself out of nowhere? I hope so! These are typical examples of you manifesting things into your life.

Don't try harder!

The trick is not trying too hard, not to force it. There is more to it than that. Bending spoons is small scale, a good place to start in my opinion. People are able to manifest massive things into their lives, sometimes without knowing it and sometimes intentionally and without much effort at all.

The bent spoon is a symbol of what is possible in this world. A lot more than we can imagine!

If you would like to know how to do this and join me for a spoon bending glass, please let me know in the comments below or send me a message using the "Share Your Experience" form. When I have your email address I will contact you with the dates! I look forward to seeing you there!

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